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Website Review: Seatplan

Finding theatre for theatre nerds is relatively easy; we’re plugged into sources that tell us what’s on when, who is in it and how much we’re likely to pay. We also have our favourite theatres, actors on our radar and directors we’re unlikely to miss. However, as a non-London resident I often find I miss these things, and when it comes to booking London trips- especially for friends or family- find myself scrolling through endless websites trying to find out what’s on, where and most importantly how much it will cost me. So, when asked to take a look at Seatplan’s website I was hoping to find a resource to cover all that and one I could happily send my less theatre-savvy friends and family to. It does all that and (drumroll please) also gives up to date information on the actual seats, the view and comfort.
If I’m paying West End prices for theatre, I want to know if my backside will survive the night. And if my view will be mainly of a pillar. So Seatplan could actually be the answ…