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Diversity in Welsh Theatre...once again

This piece was written for BBC Cymru's blog in Welsh and is available here

A lack of diversity in Welsh arts is driving talent away from the country and severely limiting the work we make. But is this lack of diversity part of an underlying issue in Wales where the arts, and access to the arts, is controlled by a narrow inward-looking group afraid of change? If we take a long hard look at ourselves we know that those working in the arts in Wales still feel like they are made by a narrow group, for a narrow group. Even those who demographically belong to the same group, it’s na├»ve to say that the white middle class (often male) isn’t still the default for leaders and makers in the arts.
There is much talk of Wales as a ‘cultural centre’ and much bemoaning of the ‘London Centric’ focus of the arts. And yet, anyone seeking a career in the arts in Wales will hear more than once ‘move away’. And even if they aren’t told it directly, for many it will swiftly become the only option. And fo…