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Our Town- Royal Exchange Manchester

It seems everyone has a first memory of Thornton Wilder's Our Town. Mine, in typical style is mildly embarrassing and reveals me to be the uncultured swine I so often am. It was my third year in University, which happened to be my 'Study Abroad' year. So I find myself in an introduction to theatre class at McGill, with the Professor (you have to call them that there I discovered even if they aren't a proper Prof like at home) holds up a book (this was 2004, we're old school) and asked what the famous image was from, a work that was of great importance he said, it changed American theatre he said.

He looked at me. 
"Oklahoma" I said. 
I actually have no idea why. Actually I do, they were all dressed in farm clothes on a stage and that was literally the only play about being on a farm in America I knew. Also I'm an uncultured swine. (In my defence I hadn't studied theatre since GCSE at this point) 
So my 'Out Town' first encounter story is …