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NT Live: Angels in America Perestrokia

So after last week's adventure (see here) as long as there were no Apes involved things could only get better at the second NT Live screening right? Right.

As I saw the production 'Live' again this weekend an actual reflection on my continuing thoughts on the play are here, while this post just thinks about NT live and capturing the play on film.

I'm happy to report there were no 'Apes in America' this time around, and aside from momentary sound glitches there were no technical issues until the very end...where for about 20 seconds something very strange went on with sound and picture in Harper's I always cry in that scene but it would have been for very different reasons this time. But luckily all was well.

But to continue my NT Live related waffle from the Part 1 review also; a few minor technical glitches are a small price to pay for getting to see these broadcasts. Particularly Angels which by being a) two parts b) extremely in demand (…

Angels in America: NT Live

I really enjoyed the NT Live screening of Angels in America. I particularly liked the way they did the CGI Apes, and the jungle was really realistic and I'm not one for CGI usually.

Confused? So was I.

I will get to a collection of thoughts on seeing Angels in the cinema. But first...

In Act 1 the picture cut out. Not that unusual (annoyingly) in these feeds, but it's live, these things happen. For about 5 minutes it was a radio play (Missing a bit of key dialogue when that cut out too) . These things happen. Again in Act 2, just at the Hot Dogs scene (one of my favourites again). Suddenly the title plate for Planet of the Apes appeared. No, surely they can't....oh yes, yes they can. Planet of the Apes, played on screen while Joe and Louis continued to talk about Politics, and Miss Ron Reagan Jnr (the pardon the expression heterosexual). So forgive me if from now on, the Reagan family is forever a bunch of Apes to me.

The cinema were in fairness apologetic, and gave vouch…

Theatre Fandom Conference- University of Bristol

In a departure from reviews I'm writing about an academic symposium  this week. I'm doing this for 2 reasons.

Firstly it's a part of my life being a (sort of) academic as well as a blogger, writer and all the other theatre related things. Secondly it's a conference about theatre fans, and I'm passionate about all academic work being shared with everybody. Finally just because it was held in a University doesn't mean it should just be 'academics' in there and as (hopefully) this is just the first event of it's kind, other theatre professionals should get involved.

Organised by Kirsty Sedgeman (@KirstySedgeman ) this symposium was an informal affair for people to get together and talk about theatre and fandom (or 'theatre fans' if you prefer I personally have always hated the term fandom). Why? well why do academics do anything? More nobly as a means of understanding the world around us and recording information. Honestly? a sense of curiosity…