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Angels at the National, Bohemians on tour and PhDs

In the first of a couple of more reflective pieces, I think about the plays that I wrote my PhD on- Angels in America and Rent, as they end up once again in the spotlight. For more PhD waffle see my sister blog The Mucky PhD (you can find the PhD itself online too if so inlcined) 
As I write this, the curtain is about to rise on the first major revival of Angels in America in nearly a decade, it's the fastest selling show in the National Theatre's history and it's got a cast of stars (Andrew Garfield, Denise Gough, Nathan Lane, Russell Tovey) who frankly are making it a pretty big deal. It's also you know, one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century directed by one of the greatest contemporary directors, Marianne Elliot. So far, so important. But that's not why I'm writing this post. I'm writing it because it feels like, to paraphrase Kushner's play something is about to crack wide open. Because it feels like suddenly the whole world is looking in…