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Without You- Thoughts on Rent

It was at once like coming home to an old friend and falling in love all over again.

This isn't a review really, although I will write about the production, it's my collection of thoughts, reflections and mostly feelings after returning to something that has been intrinsically a part of my life for a long time. I will review it separately, but those thoughts belong somewhere else.

For anyone who doesn't know (and why would you, strangers of the Internet) I wrote a PhD on Rent. That's right, I am Dr Rent. It's not entirely about Rent, but it's a major part. I don't say this to preface my review as somehow more informed, or worthy. I say to to tell the story of how Rent came to be intrinsically entwined with my life. And how surprised I was to leave the theatre feeling the way I did. And how I felt was to be sitting on a freezing cold bench, desperately texting the friend in Chicago I knew would understand. And walking around in a daze trying to wrap my head …