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Golf Course War Machine- No Boundries Theatre, Cardiff

"Wales? I thought that was a town in England"
Raise your hand if you're from Wales and an American has said that to you...
One of Chris Harris' spot on observations about being Welsh, and the world and Welsh in the world in 'Golf Course War Machine'. The play follows Pippa, a 24-year-old from Tredegar staging a one woman protest on a roundabout in Newport.
It's 2014 and the eyes of the world are on that roundabout, or at least just up the road from it, as the NATO summit is in Wales, and the leaders of the free world are assembled in the Celtic Manor hotel. 
Pippa starts to tell her story. She may be hungover, slightly relying on Wikipedia and waiting for the rest of the protest to join her, but she's not going to let the opportunity to make her voice heard and put Wales on the map. So waving a Welsh flag at Obama's helicopter will be her Tiananmen Square. Harris expertly weaves his political commentary expertly with storytelling that reveals s…