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The Entertainer- Garrick Theatre London

*Disclaimer, I saw this while it was still in previews so this review comes with the caveat that it was not the offcial finished product.

The Brannagh season at the Garrick comes to a close in style with John Osbourne's classic 'The Entertainer'. When curating the season it seems a fitting finale for Kenneth Brannagh, who takes on the fading song and dance man Archie Rice.

Osborne's play is a dual reflection on the demise of the Music Hall and the demise of Empire, with the Suez crisis as a backdrop to the ailing career of Rice. It is on one hand a fascinating insight, and look back, on the other elements of it don't quite hit the right notes any more.

Osborne's men in general, where once rang fresh and new, sometimes feel hollow, self involved and of their time and misogynistic. This is no reason to stop reviving these plays, they are still important works with much to think about, even if with time the things we think of when watching Osborne shift from the …

Never going to be good enough...on 'artists' and being terribly lowbrow.

I've come to the realisation I'm just not...something. You see all the words I want to use to fill in that sentence feel insulting, wrong. I could say 'clever' but clever is relative. I could say 'artistic' or 'high brow' they seem more fitting. But it still feels insulting. What it boils down to in both trying to be a part of the arts and academia is I'm not what people consider 'high brow' enough. I'm a little bit common, a little this what the cool kids mean by 'basic'? Do the cool kids even say 'basic' anymore?

See this is my problem. I don't like the cool stuff. I don't like the sophisticated stuff. I don't like the artsy stuff that we're supposed to revere.

This becomes a problem when trying to be a part of anything artistic, but also something I encountered in academia as well. You're not an allowed to be a writer/artist of any kind of you don't like the 'right' stuff and yo…