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Into the Woods- Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival opened in style with Sondheim's classic Into the Woods last night. It is a visually spectacular production which makes brilliant use of the fittingly wood-filled backdrop. And the large and impressive cast taking on one of musical theatre's most challenging scores. 

Into the Woods is Sondheim's twist on fairy tales. From Cinderella to Red Riding Hood to Jack and the Beanstalk, these stories are mixed together and mixed up from the familiar Disney versions. The first act is familiar, the Baker and his wife, on a quest from a mysterious witch, are seeking things that only familiar fairytale characters can give. They need a cow as white as snow, a coat as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn and a slipper of gold. This leads them to cross paths with Jack, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella. In the process Jack ends up with his magic beans...something that never ends well as we all know. For the first act it does all end well. The witch&#…

Romeo and Juliet-Taking Flight Theatre

Continuing the outdoor theatre theme from the last post, it's time for Taking Flight theatre's annual outdoor Shakespeare production. Starting in the lovely Thompson's Park in Cardiff and going on to some of Wales' most beautiful parks and castle grounds (oh and even one in Bristol this year!) the annual Taking Flight Shakespeare tour would be a delight simply for the backdrop, but there's much, much more magic involved. 

This year is the turn of the classic love story Romeo and Juliet, where the ill-fated lovers are given a 1960s twist. Set in Verona College (and Verona Ladies College) the warring Montagues and Capulets show their rivalry across the schools (and an annual boat race!). The performance moves around the outdoor space, the performers guiding the audience and often engaging with them, making everyone feel a part of this version of ‘Fair Verona’.

Everyone feeling a part of the production is key to Taking Flight’s ethos, an inclusive theatre company-in te…

Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival (Preview)

It's that time of year again....Cardiff's Open Air Theatre Festival! 

Now granted the last week's weather hasn't been exactly summery here (it is Wales after all) but never fear because once again the audience will be completly undercover. So now that you've cheered Wales on in the Euros out in the open (ouch, sorry about that sporting folks, or indeed rejoice! if you're English) it's time instead to take in some theatre in the air.
First up is Sondheim's dark musical fairytale Into the Woodsplaying from 23 June – 2 July. Directed by Richard Tunley with Musical Direction by Rob Thorne Jnr. audiences are transported to an alternative take on classic fairytales with Sondheim's classic and beautiful score. 
Following the must...Listen very carefully for I shall say this only once. Excuse the bad joke, it is of course 'Allo 'Allo  from 7 July – 16 July the Café René will welcome summertime audiences to the little French rural town of …