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Long Day's Journey Into Night- Bristol Old Vic

Let's get one thing out of the way: the play is aptly named. Coming in at around 3 hours 25 minutes it's a classic marathon of a play. And actually I loved it for that.

I'm all for a short play. The phrase '90 minutes straight through' often fills me with delight. Years as an usher have conditioned me to dance with joy at a 2 hour piece. However there is something to be said for remembering the art of the long play-and the joy as an audience member this can bring. It was really enjoyable actually to sit and be swallowed into that world for over 3 hours yesterday. To be forced to have the patience to wait for the story to unravel. This from someone who never has the patience for a film over two hours long, there is something brilliantly engaging about being held in that space for so long, engaged by O'Neill's compelling writing and in this case equally compelling performances.

I confess also that the chance to see Jeremy Irons perform was high on my list of …