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Meet Fred-Hijnx Theatre

I spent my Monday afternoon interviewing a small puppet with a lot of personality. Everyone, meet Fred:

Fred's new show, apty called Meet Fred, is touring with Hijinx theatre company (scroll down for more information)
Fred. (Photograph Johnathan Dunn)
Fred is a unique character, but with a story which is universal. As director Ben Pettit-Wade says during my chat with Fred ‘Fred always feels that the world is creating problems for him, but in a lot of situations there’s the potential that the outcome could be very different if Fred acted differently.’ Fred meanwhile is quick to blame others around him (and the director given half a chance) saying; ‘I always hope for the good things in life, or nice stuff but it’s probably safe to say that my hopes and expectations might be, how can I put this politely, confounded'. It's clear that Fred and his director disagree on many things, Fred clearly a little frustrated at his life being taken over quite so fully. He even comments tha…

Also Recognised Awards from My Theatre Mates

I love an awards list, even more so I love an awards list that recognises talent overlooked elsewhere. Therefore it's no surprise that I'm happy to share the #AlsoRecognised awards from MyTheatreMates. 

The Also Recognised Awards were launched last year with ten categories. In addition to Best Musical Direction, these include six that had been dropped by the WhatsOnStage Awards:  Best Ensemble Performance. Best Solo Performance  Best Shakespearean Production  Best Original Music London Newcomer of the Year Theatre Event of the Year
They awards are designed to put the spotlight on the areas of theatre not recognised by other awards, or indeed where other awards haven't caught up with the current world we live in-to that end awards for best twitter engagement reflect the engagement beyond the theatre of shows old and new. 
Most importantly to my mind is the inclusion of a bespoke category for musical theatre direction. Other awards tend to either overlook completely that thi…