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New York Theatre (Part 1)

Finally managing to do a round-up of New York theatre from the beginning of the month. So in no particualr order, starting with the plays....


I booked this in part because my a fluke of fate I've not missed Matthew Broderick in anything he's done on stage for nearly 15 years. Somehow the man formerly known as Leo Bloom and my New York stage schedules overlap. Also it's a play about a dog, how could I resist?

I will admit to some reservation when I realised that the dog in question is played by a human (Analeigh Ashford here) but within minutes of her arriving on stage her 'Sylvia' had won me over much like Broderick's Greg in the play. Ashford's dog really is hilarious (there's a sentence you don't get to write every day.) blending physical comedy and action to embody the dog, while talking to Greg she manages to encapsulate what any dog lover knows to be the mannerisms of a canine without it being too cartoonish.

It is of course hilarous at …