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Putting on the Ritz

I defy anyone to sit through this show and not smile just a little bit. Unless of course you have a pathological aversion to sequins, then you might want to stay away. 

In fact the costumes are a star in their own right in this show, with elegant ball gowns and sparkly skirts (and a few brightly coloured dinner jackets for the boys) help set the scene in this journey through dance. 

A look back at the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood Putting on the Ritz dances through Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Irving Berlin as well as a tribute to the music and dance of the Cotton Club. Classic songs including 'Night and day' 'I got Rhythm' 'Easter Parade' and of course 'Putting on the Ritz' showcase the amazing dance skills as well as the talented singers. 

It's not a traditional musical, but a dance piece and dance takes centre stage introduced by the singing team, and delivered by one of the most talented dance ensembles I have seen in a long time. Moving ef…


Frankly a day out where you're supposed to be miserable suits my Eeyore like tendancies. So when my friend Chantal suggested a trip to Diamaland for her Birthday I, ironically couldn't have been happier. 
For anyone who has missed it, Dismaland is the latest work from Banksy. Seemingly bored by simply stealth street art he's gone a step further and created stealth theme park/art exhibition. Situated on the seafront of Weston Super Mare, on the site of an old Lido, Banksy has assembled work from a wide range of contemporary artists, as well as his own work. 
As the title suggests it's part Disneyland parody, but for those afraid of hurting the feelings of the Mouse, it's not really about Disney per-se more a swipe at modern consumer culture, and many other trappings of modern life while Banksy and Co are at it. And the Disney metaphor works on several levels. 
Firstly it allows for a sense of humour about the whole thing. I get the distinct feeling this art installatio…