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Review: Songs for A New World

Songs for a New World. Often the 'Other' Jason Robert Brown musical (after the more famous 'The Last Five Years') has long been a favourite of mine (for those interested it's a hotly contested number one JRB slot with Parade)

A difficult show to stage, being a revue show more than an actual musical, it's songs have become staples of musical theatre cabarets and auditions in the last 20 years. So most of us musical nerds know it well. Hell we've even picked out 'our' songs. (Again for those interested, 'I'm Not Afraid of Anything')

It's always tricky seeing something you've imagined for years realised on stage and there are always going to be moments that rub against the idea you've created. For me it was more musical phrasing choices, having become so entwined with the recording and various other incarnations of the piece. Sometimes when you've spent so long entwined in the music in a certain way, even the best performanc…