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Everyman Festival Preview

I'm really excited that to kick off my new re-vamped theatre review blog I've been invited by Everyman Theatre in Cardiff to be one of their bloggers for the summer festival!

A lot of people in Cardiff will be familar with the Everyman theatre festival which happens every summer. For those who aren't every year Everyman sets up home for an outdoor festival of theatre including Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Comedy and a children's show-meaning there's something for everyone. This year the company are back in Sophia Gardens with four great shows:

Blackadder the Third - 24th June-4th July
Sweet Charity- 8th-18th July 
As You Like It 22nd July- 4th August 

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 25th July - 1st August

Blackadder the Third follows on from last year's hilarious Blackadder outing for the festival. For those whose Blackadder knowledge is sketchy, this installment sees Blackadder in Regency England as a Butler-with of course help from Baldrick at his side- at the court of Prince George.
Oh and if you're after an additional giggle, and keen on helping a good cause Saturday 27th June 3.00pm & 8.00pm performances will be a Charity Gala Event in aid of Comic Relief and will feature a special guest from BBC Wales Today!

Following that it's musical time, and being something of a musical theatre nerd I can't wait for Cy Coleman's classic Sweet Charity.  A classic American musical set in 1960s New York, Sweet Charity is always a fun song and dance filled performance. And of course includes the classic 'Hey Big Spender' and for those (like me) who've ever had to learn it, the impossibly difficult but impossible to remove from your head once it's in 'Rhythm of Life' (I do apologize for anyone who spends the rest of the day singing it now...) Sweet Charity runs Wednesday 22 July – Saturday 1 August and tickets are available here;

Shakespearean offering this year is As You Like It set in 1915 for this production where Rosalind, escaped to the forest of Arden teaches a disguised Orlando about love. A great introduction to Shakespeare for anyone who is wary of the Bard, and a firm favourite among Shakespere aficionados too. 

Finally there's something for younger audiences-and involving young thespians, in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Designed for, and performed by younger audiences this is a Disney classic that's great for the little theatre goers, and with morning and afternoon shows is a great family trip as well.

If all of those shows weren't enough, this year the Festival also has two special ‘Sunday Nights at the Festival’ evenings. On the 28th  June, Forte present One Night Only, an evening of songs from your favourite films and musicals and on 12th  July,  57 Chevy line up with the ultimate 50s and 60s show. 

I'll be blogging about each of the main shows as the festival unfolds, and you can follow me, and the festival on twitter bellow. 


And you can follow my updates on 


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