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525, 600 minutes and then some; Rent and me nine years later.

December 22nd, 8pm, Eastern Standard time....wait that's not quite right.

Nine years ago, 22nd December, 8pm (Eastern standard time) I finally saw Rent on Broadway. It's fair to say that night changed my life, and changed me. A fairly bold statement, but after 4 years and one PhD that is (half) about Rent, I think that's fair. It also cemented my love of theatre and musical theatre.

We Mark says in the opening monologue...
I don't actually remember finding Rent, it just feels like from the moment of musical theatre obsession being born it was there. I do remember when I finally got the Original Cast Recording. I was desperate to play it on my CD walkman (remember those kids) and playing it on the bus home in Montreal (where I was living by this time) but at this point Rue Sherbrooke (yes I remember what bus I was on) was far too bumpy and 'What You Own' skipped and skipped the whole way home (remember skipping CD's kids?) Once I had that recordin…