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Yesterday I posted a Facebook status that will no doubt get me in trouble, I said 

"If I carry on with any kind of academic/teaching based career, I am so glad I have learned always to be supportive, constructive and caring about students I work with. Because I never, ever want anyone to feel the way I have been made to feel over the years."

I stand by that status, and I'm writing a blog to elaborate. I'm also stating now, at the outset that I'm not setting out to break any 'rules'. That status while yesterday a result of something PhD related, is a cumilation of many long years in academia. It is the culmination of Undergraduate, Postgradaute, PGCE, working as a tutor, working as a support worker and working in the office. Finally yes it's about the PhD, even though I'm not allowed to talk about that directly yet. It doesn't matter, all the others give me plenty to go on. 

What actually drew out my frustration yesterday was more that I've sp…

Self Funded PhD "advice"

I was recently asked for advice on Tumblr about self-funding a PhD so I thought I'd go into more detail here, on the off chance someone can benefit from my "wisdom".

I'll be honest, my first instinct is to say 'don't do it' but really that's not quite true. I'd say 'don't do it unless you are really sure'. People who are funded may disagree with me (and feel free to comment if so) but doing it self-funded is harder. Although the pressures (particularly of finishing to time) are greater with a funded PhD, the supreme juggling act of a self funded one, make the physical act of getting the damn thing on paper, and you out in one piece more of a challenge.

So here in no particular order is my advice:

Make sure you want to do it.
This goes for any PhD. But if you're paying for it out of your own pocket make sure it's what you really want. That you're doing the research at the place you want

Loans can be your friends (if you can ge…

Grotty Right of Passage (or the tail end of PhD writing)

I decided to write a blog about current PhD state of play, or state of mind. Mainly to avoid actually doing any more PhD work for half an hour.

For a visual, I feel I currently look like Bridget Jones as she imagines being eaten by Alsatians. Or Chandler in 'Friends' during the 'sweatpants' phase of a break-up. Or on really bad days like the Flukeman from the X Files, my skin has achieved the same grey pallor.

I am trying to get the PhD in for the mock viva by the end of May, with a view to final submission in July. Pressure is on, and I'm being kept on track by working with a professional proof reader (side: did you hear that supervisors PROFESSIONAL PROOF READER. A professional is correcting all my appalling grammar, so we can stop talking about it now.  Yes that's a risky comment but I think I'm allowed that one) Helpfully, my lovely proof reader prefers to do it chapter by chapter so I'm not waiting on her. This of course means I have to maintain a…
I've thought a lot about being a fan in the last week. I mean more than usual, which is quite a lot anyway.

Several things contributed. I started writing this a while back and abandoned it, but I'd just been to a Sherlock academic conference, I'd met up with some fellow academic fangirls, and I'd been sucked into a new theatre-fandom all in one weekend. Then I shelved this for a bit. Last night though, inadvertently the desire reared its head yesterday when I got involved in a disscussion where someone said 'but why do you care?' in relation to things fans were saying.

Now in that case it was initially 'because some fans got an interpretation of theatre so spectacularly wrong something had to be said' (not by myself incidentally in this case) but also the comments around 'why do you care' were the closest I've come to being outright fan-shamed in a while. It pushed my buttons. I felt bad for having a rant on my friend's facebook discussi…