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"Working 9 to ..." oh maybe not....

It's fair to say the last few months have not been the best in some senses. There was at one point I declared the whole of March didn't happen, I stand by that.

On the whole the PhD has not been the main arbiter of doom for once. Well indirectly it has, in the sense of everything I do/don't do/could do is governed by the PhD, but in terms of direct causes of misery and angst it's input has been minimal. Comparatively, I mean the beast still gives good game in the misery stakes but hey ho. And anyway we're not allowed to talk about that here, not yet. It's time will come.

No, the main cause of issue was employment, and its various associations. Now anyone who knows me or knows this blog knows my ongoing battle with employment, so yes this is a bit PhD related. Trying to self fund a full time PhD is in itself, a full time job. Therein lies the problem. For the past 4 years I've supported myself through, it feels like every means necessary, aside from selling …

Punchdrunk 'Drowned Man'

The Drowned Man
This week I finally got to see Punchdrunk's latest offering "The Drowned Man" even typing that I wonder is 'see' the right word? Probably not. Experienced perhaps? Lived? Survived even? It's not anything you do as passively as 'see' there is nothing passive about it, as three hours of running up and down stairs will attest.
I have wanted to see a Punchdrunk show for some time. But it's difficult, it's not everyone's cup of tea and i rarely get to London alone. Plus, I'll tell you my deep dark secret now it's done: I was scared. Genuinely scared.
I'm what I think is commonly known as a wuss. A wuss with a hated bordering on fear of audience interaction. Scratch that I'm terrified of audience interaction directed at me, I just hate it with everyone else.
When I say scared I mean really scared. I don't do haunted houses, I don't even do Disneyland because people in costumes scare me (yes I do know it&#…

New Directions in Sherlock Conference

New Directions in Sherlock UCL
The "New Directions in Sherlock" conference at UCL on 11th March drew a diverse range of academics and fans to discuss the third series of the BBCs contemporary Sherlock Holmes adaptation, and other modern directions of Holmes.
The panels covered a wide range of areas topics and Holmeses (Yes it's a word, I said so) Because it seems that even if you try and discuss just one Sherlock, in this case  the BBC version, the others always creep in. Sherlock or Holmes or whatever you call him (personally I call him Sherly, but only when we're alone) doesn't come without baggage, without over 100 years of legacy. So while we debated where the BBC had taken him, and where he might go next the older Holmes from Arthur Conan Doyle's canonical texts, though Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett up to Robert Downey jnr and as far as the recent Norwegian Sherlock parody. What we saw is Sherlock cannot be boiled down easily to just the study of on…