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Staying sane in a PhD? Or fighting a PhD?

I found this article yesterday in the Guardian about 'Staying Sane' during a PhD

My general thoughts on the article were as follows 'Well that's common sense, and I think I've stayed relatively sane' followed by anger that the one thing I do to stay sane is write about it, however I'm no longer allowed to publicly share much of my feelings/journey on the PhD in detail. Which actually was key to my staying sane (fear not it's been stored up to be written about at some point)

Then I thought about it some more, and the day (week, month) had been so spectacularly bad, I thought this instead: every time you think it's the worse it could get, it gets worse. And when do you actually stop fighting?

Because that's how I feel right now, I have not once ounce of fight left in me. I realised this when I got a parking ticket on campus yesterday. Despite being…

Selfies and Make Up

The latest Facebook 'craze' has been women taking 'selfies' without make up to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer charities. It's a lovely idea, not started by the charity itself but showing to have real results in money raised and hopefully in awareness by people linking to their website and resources. I took part, I actually donated to teenage cancer trust, firstly because it's my nominator's cancer chairty of choice, secondly because I feel we should seize this massive fundrasing opportunity and spread the donanations to as as many cancer charities as possible.

Here's mine:

And here's an "after" shot too:

I think the idea itself is lovely-women showing natural beauty and empowering each other has got to be a good thing. I love all the comments women are making 'so goregous' 'oh look how pretty you are' 'look at your pretty eyes' etc etc. It's supportive, it's empowering. I love that men are likin…

PhD Student....will work for food or books

A couple of weekends ago I had a conversation about self-funded PhD students that made me want to write this post. I didn't get around to it then, however this week has motivated me to write it.

Friends will know that I recently started a full time job. Well started and finished in the space of two weeks. I won't go into why here, suffice to say the circumstances are not pleasant.

But I'm ok really. It wasn't my dream job. I was more than any job in recent years actually, doing it for the money. And I hated that. The reasons I had to leave aside, a week in I was already counting the months until I could leave. It wasn't horrible, I was just horribly bored already. Because that's the thing, once you've done a job you love, once you've found the thing you're good at it's hard to go back to anything else. More of that later.

What I wanted to address in this blog post is the constant battle that self funded PhD students face. I'm including in th…