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When is enough enough? dyslexia, writing and PhD's.

This blog post is about two things that are interlinked. Mainly it's about the impact of dyslexia on the PhD but also by default it's an update about where the PhD is (or is not)

I had a PhD meeting the other day that opened with what boiled down to 'this isn't good enough. And you haven't proof read at all'

Now leaving behind the fact that professional pride would never let me hand in something not to the best of my ability. Nor, even without dyslexia would any self-respecting PhD student hand in something not proof read. Also leaving behind that I followed the edits and re-writes given on the previous draft to the letter. Leaving behind all of that, opening a meeting with that, to a dyslexic person is about as soul destroying as it gets. It also flies in the face of any kind of guidance for working with disabilities.

Let me use an analogy. I've worked supporting students with disabilities in HE for three years. I would never open a discussion with a stude…