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And it doesn't matter if you don't like Sherlock Holmes, or if you do and you hate 'Sherlock' as a series, or if you hated that epdisode or this series of if you were just a bit indiffernt. It doesn't matter. To quote John Watson 'It's all fine' that's the beauty of cutlure we can all take from it what we will. But for me that moment, that moment was perfection, more importantly it represented everything I strive for.

The geeks have the building.

And this is my love letter to the geeks. To all the geeks that have inrpired me to get geeky about something and keep going.

This may start sounding like a love letter to the Sherlock production team. So what. I geneuinely feel like my geekery for Sherlock Holmes related stuff has gotten me through a lot of my PhD.

Mark Gatiss in particular I adore. Much fun is made of the fact yes, I rather fancy him (I have a thing for gingers, particualry ones with beards. And I did long before Damien Lewis was cool. So…

PhD waffling (p.s I'm not actually gay)

So what about this PhD then? where is it? why is it taking so long? Well your guess is as good as mine there dear reader. This blog isn't so much a where is the PhD but where is my head at.

Short answer? bloody miserable, fed up and willing to punch a wall.

Now of course the last few months/last year/whole damn thing shouldn't be easy. It shouldn't be easy academically ever, otherwise well everyone would have a PhD right? But that doesn't mean it has to be so damn hard. (wait that sounds like a Coldplay lyric)

So where am I right now? ah that is in fact the immortal question. Honestly? I don't know. I feel like, I can get this thing done but I feel like I will be held up by logistics and bureaucracy from here to who knows when.

And its the not knowing. Unlike any other course of study you take there is no finite ending to the PhD. My PGCE year was one of the most hellish I have ever spent but at least then I had the luxury of knowing 'Only 6 more months, only 3…

Mind Your Language

I am using this blog to further some points about language, etiquette and politeness I've been raising (and been attacked for) online today.

I should clarify that I raised this point via Welsh language, however it applies, and I've experienced it across a variety of languages. I will discuss Welsh in detail later on as that if anything is bound to raise most discussion (or rocks, virtual or otherwise)

I believe that it is rude, either in 'real life' or in the virtual world to respond to, and carry on a conversation in another language to that which the conversation has been in so far. Case in point, a Facebook discussion on the new episode of Sherlock in relation to a friend's status was taking place in English last night. This morning that conversation had been continued but in Welsh. I read that as rude. Myself and the other English speakers involved in that discussion were now excluded from the conversation as it existed. This is the same principle as having a c…