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Wasting my Time

So was doing my PhD (and more specifically when and where I did it) the biggest mistake of my life? Right now I'm inclined to say probably.

Partly because I've been stuck at home working on it for nearly two months now. Partly because I find myself soon to be 29, PhD-less, essentially unemployed, broke, single and living with my Mum. Oh and my car started making a funny noise this morning, which is unrelated but also fairly rubbish.

Now I know it was my decision. I know I got myself into this mess. But doing a PhD was the one consistent 'dream' I had. It was also the thing I thought I could be good at. And I am quite good, I think. Independent input at conferences and from colleagues I trust tells me so, but I can't help thinking I could have been better. I could have been better if I'd been able to choose the right place to do my PhD. If I'd been able to concentrate fully on it rather than running around trying to get by financially as a self funded studen…

The Internet is for....

Prime Minister David Cameron today is to announce controls on internet pornography. Plenty of news coverage you can read for yourself but here is the Guardain

And the BBC story

I made this post just because I can't succinctly put my concerns in social media platform. This does concern me.

Let's get something out of the way: obviously child pornography is wrong, it's child abuse and disgusting and of course should be stopped. That's a given. Let's not also forget the kind of porn that depicts disgusting and violent acts towards grown women-I'm talking violent material, rape and anything else on the spectrum of 'illegal' and 'immoral'

I'm also against the general misogyny of pornography, the using of women as objects and the general demeaning nature of most mainstream pornography.

I am not however against pornograph…