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Conferences and Cosplayers

I attended a conference last week that was probably the best conference experience I've had to date. In my pre-PhD imaginings a conference was a place where people went to share information, where you had a chance to show off your research publicly and get feedback. But that also you were spending a day or two or three in the company of other academic types who wanted to share information and talk about well, academic things.

Sadly my conference experience to date has not been that. I've had some good experiences,  yes. The one prior to this, on television detective drama was a positive experience, others have been frankly hellish. I spent five days in Manchester last year where I think I had a conversation with two people at the conference the whole time. Now part of this I realise is my own growth, I'm incredibly introverted and shy in situations that conferences present. Give me a paper or a class to address and I'm fine. Give me a room full of people having coffee …