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Just a bit slow

That's how I like to describe my dyslexic brain. I stole it from Zoe Wanamaker actually. In a talk I heard her give several years ago just after I discovered I was dyslexic she was talking about her own struggles with it and said something along the lines of everything works, just a bit slower. Now some dyslexics will recoil in horror at the notion of reverting back to the idea of us being 'a bit slow' as a catch all term for our 'learning difficulties' but I hate the latter term there and actually prefer the former, everything works it just takes a while and a different route to get there sometimes. Not always. Sometimes.

Zoe Wanamaker also said to me afterwards (I know, name dropping luvvy excuse me there is a point) not to think of myself AS dyslexic but as HAVING dyslexia. It's an important distinction because having it suggests a condition like any other medical or psychological condition that you are dealing with and finding ways to manage. Being dyslexic…

Martin Crieff kind of life (Part 2)

I wrote a while ago about the similarities between myself and a certain fictional airline Captain (Blog in question found here

Since then 'having a Martin day' has become firmly established shorthand for when it's a very particular one of those days (the ones where your car loses parts on the way to work, you get shouted at by idiots in work and you just get everything a little bit wrong)

This week in the last of the series Martin had a speech that I'm not ashamed to say made me well up a little, because once again I could completely see myself in his shoes (or ridiculous hat) what he said was the following:

"My biggest weakness as a pilot is that I’m not very good at flying aeroplanes. I mean, I’m good enough. Like the sim said, I’m ‘adequate’, adequate to the task. But I don’t do it easily, it’s not second nature to me. On your scale of one to 10 if one is the bare minimum of competence, I’m about a…