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Reviews: A Magistrate, A horse and some Privates on Parade

A conference and working weekend in London meant I got to see some theatre (of course)

The Magistrate (National Theatre) 

I was mulling over whether to see the latest NT Live broadcast which was this play and realised I was in London for it. So as tickets were about the same price to see it actually in the theatre I decided to give it a go. My motivation was largely an interest in seeing how the live broadcasts were put together and affected the theatrical experience. And a mild interest to see John Lithgow on stage after loving him in 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrals' on Broadway years ago (the man has done over 20 Broadway plays you know!)

The play itself is a classic farce. Not I confess my favourite of genres (I prefer my comedy dark and subtle rather than big and bold and have an allergy to slapstick) luckily this play creates a true classic farce that relies on the ludicrous situations of the play for comedy rather than injecting it with slapstick as many farces tend to do. The p…

Life or something like it....

This blog should probably have a subtitle of 'or why I hate my life'

I think I posted about a year ago about losing a friend who couldn't (or wouldn't) understand my work/life situation. At the moment I think I'm on the verge of losing a few more and that really upsets me. That I'll lose friend and that people just can't understand.

It's getting to a crucial stage in the PhD, if I want to get it done I need to get my head down and work. That's going to mean not socialising (such as I do anyway) it's going to mean cutting working hours (which cuts out on socialising) and in general it's going to mean I'm fairly stressed and unfocused when it comes to other things. I know this. I can explain this to people and genuine friends will understand, others wont. And that makes me very sad.

What frustrates me even more is the financial/work situation. I work a lot of hours, I teach (which isn't just about hours in front of students its plannin…