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It's nice to the people serving you!

What would it be without a mini rant?

It's Christmas, everyone is busy you're rushing around trying to get everything done...and you snap at the girl/boy at the bar/restaurant/shop...ahem theatre....

Now to be fair, personally I've not had any major rudeness (yet... still time...) but as this marks something like my 12 years since I started working in customer service in some form (I had mercifully 3 of those years without working a Christmas when I had an office job.) I wanted to say: appreciate the people who serve you wherever that may be.

Just because someone is wearing a uniform, they're behind a bar or till (or wielding a torch in a theatre!) doesn't mean the following:

1. They're an idiot who is incapable of getting another job so therefore deserve abuse.
Most people I work with in my 'uniform' job are studying, are actors or have 2 or 3 other jobs on the go. They have assignments to complete performances to rehearse and are every bit as clever a…


No, not my impromptu audition for 'A Chorus Line' (I think you need to be able to dance for that) but my reflection on my first choir concert of the festive season, and actually my first in a year. Yes a year.

It's been an up and down year for choir. You may recall a previous blog post on that. A choir dissolved, a choir was re-formed. I moved from one choir to another and back again to another.

I toyed with writing this bit, how honest to be. And well, let's all cut the crap, this post is going to end well so we can get through this bit.

I followed one choir because, well at that point it was that choir or no choir. So as all I really ask from my choir on a basic level is to turn up and sing, I chose choir. It wasn't personal. If there had been two choirs to choose from things might have been different, but there weren't. So I chose. That choir for a while was ok, it was fine, it was a choir. The I heard another choir was formed, out of members from the old. M…