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New York-Theatre Reviews

I'm back from New York, and will get to blogging about that, but priorities and all that-first I'm posting reviews of what I saw. It's a lot-I saw ten shows along with the six recordings of shows I saw as research. However this was quite a disappointing trip theatre wise-not with what I actually saw which on the whole was brilliant, but in choice. Usually on a trip to New York, as with London I'd be seeing a show every night and still wishing I had time for more. This year however a combination of prohibitive ticket prices ($130 dollars being a 'standard' Broadway seat now) and an overwhelming 'British invasion' of shows (that I'd either seen in London or didn't want to see in the first place!) made it a disappointing selection.

Anyway onto what I did see:

Clybourne Park

I saw this at the RWCMD in the Spring and loved the play. While the students gave brilliant performances seeing this with age-appropriate actors certainly helped! It's a bri…