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Not so happy holiday

So any of you who have been following this blog or listening to me moan over the last few weeks will know about my New York travel saga. Short version: internship I thought I had fell through at the last minute, I changed my plans and am now going for less time. In theory to get some research done and also have a holiday.

But here's the thing: I really don't want to go. I know it sounds ungrateful and childish to say just because what I wanted to happen isn't. But it isn't just that, I wasn't looking forward to it anyway. I've spent the last four or five months having increasingly frequent moments of utter dread at going. I don't know why, but I just never was as enthusiastic as everyone else seemed to be. But everyone told me it was an amazing opportunity I couldn't turn down, and they weren't wrong had it happened. But it hasn't and that has just amplified the feeling.

So now I really wish I didn't have to go at all. And it feels like a &#…

It's called 'research'

One of the things that has been increasingly annoying me over the last few weeks is people not understanding  what I do.

I don't mean what my thesis is (Lord knows I have days when I question that) and actually I was really pleased when a few weeks ago I was out to dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and not one but a few of them not only remembered but had a pretty good grasp on what my thesis is on. So hooray for them-you made my week.

Other people struggle with the basic concept of 'I'm at University but I'm not an undergraduate' or 'I'm at University but I don't go to lectures' or just 'It's called research.'

The other aspect people don't grasp is therefore it isn't a 9-5 leave your work at the door kind of job. Its a work until you can't anymore or more often in my case work whenever you get the chance kind of arrangement. Research and more accurately the writing of it, particularly in the humanities do…

Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction

Writing this in part because if I hear one more damn thing about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ I may have to hit someone. Instead I refer you to this:
It will be a far better use of your time I promise you.
That aside you may or may not know that the book is based on a fan fiction story for ‘Twilight’ (which is still online so I suggest you read that and save your money)  And while ‘Twilight’ may be the only works on which written work can only ever be an improvement on the original, when reviews/TV programmes mention that 50 Shades originated in fan fiction I want to scream ‘it’s not all like that’.
Because here’s my dark secret: not only do I admit to reading fan fiction…I write it too.
Now some of my friends are saying ‘Pfft and? We know we’ve read it!’ some of them are saying ‘fan fiction what now?’ and others are deleting my number from my phone as we speak….
Well actually I’m not (that) embarrassed and I honestly think that after friends and family f…