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Sex Swansea and Sian Phillips

Little review of ‘Little Dogs’ or ‘How I went to the pub with Arthur Darvill’ So me ‘The Watson’(as regular readers of this blog may know her) and another work colleague took a road trip to Swansea in the rain (is there any other kind?) to see National Theatre of Wales/Frantic Assembly’s ‘Little Dogs’. Our friend Lisa Well-Turner worked on the production as ‘Emerging Director’ and well, she wont be ‘emerging’ for long because she’s fabulous, so watch this space…or her space. Anyway I digress…. The formally grand Patti Pavilion-now attached to an Indian Restaurant is a fabulous space for a promenade performance. Inside it was transformed in to what I can only describe as a theatrical playground, as we all sat like good little children cross legged on the floor waiting for the performance to begin all I could thinklooking at the pieces of set scattered around the room was oooh what’s going to happen there. I wasn’t disappointed. Having sat like good theatre going folk quietly on the floor…

Busy doing nothing….the art of procrastination

The irony of writing a blog about wasting time isn’t lost don’t worry. But come on, 3 years (and the rest) of independent study? Surely you get a PhD for actually stopping wasting time and writing something? Anyway given I’ve spent the last few weeks marking procrastination has been my best friend, but I’ve come to realise there are good and bad kinds. So here is my list of the worst/best/ most/least productive ways to waste time (until you really have to do something) Don’t judge me. You’ve done worse in the name of wasting time… The Worst/least productive. Ok these are the things that are the biggest waste of your time, the least useful (but ironically perhaps not the most embarrassing)

Reading trashy websites The Daily Mail/E online/Ok!/Hello/delete for trashy website of choice. Double points taken away for the Daily Mail are you are feeding the spawn of Satan. Looking at a reality TV star’s cellulite or reading about Jennifer Anniston’s love life will not enhance your life in any…