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This week...Chichester

Geek joke in the title as usual as always points (but no prizes) for the reference. 

Perhaps this blog should be called 'the things we do for love' or 'are you completely nuts?' Yesterday myself and three companions drove from Cardiff to Chichester and back to go to the theatre. And I think its safe to say it was worth every mile. 

I'll come to why at the end, first a brief review as I keep meaning to add reviews here and it's been a long while...

So Chekov's Uncle Vanya in a new version by Michael Fryan. Having a love of Chekov (and I find it's either a love or hate thing with the Russian) and for Fryan I was not disappointed. The dialogue sparkled with a new freshness but meanwhile felt wholly Chekov. As an academic I reveled in the jokes about nitpicking irrelevant analysis and the overally superfluousness of the profession.  While the design by Peter McKintosh which managed to both incorporate the intimate living space of the house and suggest the vast…