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Cabin Pressure (Or having a Martin Crieff kind of day)

“And it’s so frustrating when you know, without any doubt at all, what you were put on this Earth to do, and you just can’t seem to persuade anyone else.” John Finnmore Cabin Pressure 
The above is from my favourite radio drama Cabin Pressure. Do check it out if you haven’t heard it. It is hilariously funny misadventures of a charter airline. Except they’ve only got one plane, and you can’t put one plane in a line.

One of the reasons I love Cabin Pressure is it’s ability to meld laugh until you hurt, and entirely quotable (really, ask my friends to tell you how many Otters you can fit in plane) but it also as the best comedy does, weds just the right amount of angst and heart with the silliness. And for me that is epitomised by the struggles of the show’s Captain-Martin Crieff. 

I really identify with the Martin. Firstly Martin just has the worst luck in the world, he can’t ever win a bet or a word game with his smug co-pilot Douglas; he took far to…

Short Hair high hopes...

I was reading an article in the Sunday paper about hair extensions which filled me with such rage which seems somewhat imbalanced for an article on hair vanity. The article implied throughout that long hair was the key to femininity and accompanying that the possession of long hair was the key-no not even the key-the only way that men could possibly find one attractive. Where do I start on how wrong and offensive this seems? I’ve had short hair my whole life, mainly because quite frankly my hair is of the fine limp sort that resembles rats tails when allowed to grow longer than shoulder length. But even I when debating cutting my hair off to its current ‘pixie cut’ style shortness whether this was a good idea. Why? Because media and society lead us to believe that short hair is unfeminine, that we will automatically look like a boy if we do. But apparently gluing someone else’s hair to your scalp somewhat resembling a dead animal makes you instantly the epitome of femininity and irres…

Enough now, enough

I may not promote this post in the way I normally do, because oddly it's a lot more personal than I normally write. But not wanting to shout this to my facebook etc here seemed as good a place as any.

 Today I stalked my ex on livejournal. I've always been deliberatly obtuse on specifcs of my life here, but lets just say there's only one signficant ex and leave it at that. Oddly, I feel better I really do. In part through slightly malicious 'You never did those things you said you'd do, you're no better than me' and in part 'Ok you're happy now that's cool'  The best way I can describe it is this scene in 'Love Actually'

Just the end bit where he says 'Enough now enough' things are finally closed and moved on. And that's how I feel this week. Partly through other things that have gone on this week in matters of heart and mind, I feel like things have settled again, and I can say 'enough now enough'

And with that s…