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London Town and Theatre Reviews

Last week I took a trip to London for both work (archive visiting) and pleasure (theatre viewing) is it wrong or odd that those tags are both interchangeable to me? Anyway a good time was had by all (I think) we learned much in the archive, including that prompt scripts are a bitch to transcribe (actually I knew that already) even researchers at the National Theatre use Wikipedia,and a good deal about Benedict Cumberbatch, a dressing gown and a skipping rope that it would be unprofessional to share here. On the pleasure side, we also learned much. A song about Maggie Thatcher can be fun, that in a Travelodge my archive partner will always find porn on the TV, that another friend will accidentally take you on a tour of film locations-including that of a certain dominatrix, it is possible to make geek references and dirty comments out of anything (and often simultaneously) and possibly found the secret to rendering me speechless (it involves a Pret a Manger and a minor celebrity). Billy E…