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Head meet wall

On the back of a not very good morning on the back of a few not very good weeks I’m taking to the blog once again if not to complain then to vent my anger. This morning a member of my supervisory team introduced a new researcher to the rest of us, when getting to my work she said (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘She does something with…well drama…well why don’t you explain’ Then went on to introduce the others with ‘they’re IT experts, oh she does work you’ll be interested in and her work is fascinating.’ So everyone else is either fascinating or an expert but she can’t even bring herself to explain what my work is? I have two theories on this, neither of which fill me with hope or joy with regard to my current position. First is that a member of my supervisory team still doesn’t fully understand what I’m doing or trying to do. I should note that it wouldn’t have been too hard to wing it because above my computer is a giant poster with the title of my research on it. I have a viva with this perso…