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My life in ticket stubs

I spend a great deal of time talking about the experience of theatre, ethnography of it to use the technical term. The where, when and with whom of seeing something is as important as the what much of the time. If you've ever taken someone to the theatre/concert/cinema who really doesn't want to go you'll know what I mean.

I've just been hanging pictures on my office wall, and by pictures I mean theatre programmes. Going through deciding which to hang was as much about what they meant in terms of the event or the time in my life was just as important as the play or musical (or how pretty the programme is)

So up went 'What the Night is for' the first play I ever saw in the West End, starring Gillian Anderson who I loved as a teenager (X files obsession) and Roger Allam, who seems to have followed me ever since-as in I see something he pops up in it, I don't mind he's a very good actor.

Then 'The Boy from Oz' which was the first musical I saw and …

A little bit of Pride