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Then London!

And then to London! But first an intervening week of ‘holiday’ at home where I find out I don’t know how to be on holiday without constant activity.  First the guilt factor, the ‘I’m awake so I should be working on my PhD’ factor, then the ‘well if I’m not working on the PhD I must always be doing something’ mindset. So I decorated my office-and I am never doing any form of DIY again. Then I went shopping, I wasted hours on the internet (hmm not so different to ‘working’ on the PhD then) but did not for one minute manage to actually relax.
Good thing for a weekend in London then. People always ask me why I love going back to London (and New York come to that but that’s a topic for a blog-or a book -of it’s own.) especially when I used to live there. The cliché is true that there is always something else to do, or even something you’ve done a hundred times-almost every time I go I walk the South Bank from Westminster to Borough Market and I never get bored of that. There’s also many tou…

This week....Amsterdam!

I’ve been a bit quiet except on the reviewing front because partly there’s not a lot of PhD to report right now, and second I actually took a holiday, of sorts.
Now forced myself to take a holiday might be a better description, because while I was away for two long weekends I forced myself to take two weeks off both PhD and summer job (actually that second part is a lie, there’s just no work to be had at the summer job as usual which makes it a fairly useless summer job). Now here’s the thing, I suck at holidays.
I came to realise I haven’t taken a holiday in six years that wasn’t somehow connected/included theatre (except my cousin’s wedding in Ireland but familial obligations don’t count) so my first trip to Amsterdam was quite a departure.
Things I learned in Amsterdam:
You really don’t forget how to ride a bike...Blisters on the sole of your feet really, really hurt.You can take the history teacher out of the girl but she’ll still want to look at WW2 stuff.Sex is fine when it’s in a m…

London Theatre Trip

I'm back after a bit of a holiday, a post about my holiday time is forthcoming but for now reviews of the theatre I saw last week in London-I'm going to start reviewing most of the theatre I see here too because well it's kind of what I do. So here are the reviews for Love Never Dies, London Road, Much Ado About Nothing and Dr Faustus.