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Father's Day

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my attempt to chronicle the ups and downs of life as a PhD student (and lets face it waste some time in the process)

So why blog? Why to quote something I'm fond of 'inflict my useless opinions on the world?' (10 points to anyone who gets that quote) well apart from the obvious (wasting time better spent actually doing the PhD) I've come to realise that the process is as much a personal as professional journey, and that there's so much that never makes it into that all important thesis that I wanted to have somewhere to put it.

So why the odd title? well yesterday was Father's day here in the UK and it got me to thinking about my PhD (stay with me on this) my father died several years ago but what occured to me was I would probably not be doing the PhD, at least here and now if he were. Not because he inspired me but because he wouldn't let me, well certainly wouldn't let me live under his roof to do so.

You see for some my PhD is a little too much to handle; I'm looking at HIV/AIDS in British drama-how it's been represented, how it affected that community etc (more on that in future posts) now the way you reacted to that statement is probably an indication of how likely you are to keep reading. You either raised and eyebrow and said 'hmm interesting' or you furrowed your brow and asked 'what do you want to do that for?' if it was the latter well nice knowing you have a good life! My father would certainly have had a much more extreme reaction along the lines of the latter-I remember long before this started hiding Nicholas DeJongh's book on Homosexuality on Stage from him when it arrived in the post.

One of my earliest memories of HIV/AIDS also involves my father-a scornful 'I suppose they all got it from blood transfusions' at a news report on the subject in the early 1990s, followed by a childhood of homophobic rhetoric that would rival the Daily Mail in it's frequency and furiousity. So did I grow up to want to do this work as a belated teenage rebellion? Do I fight so hard for Gay Rights as a means to counter what I heard for my entire childhood? or would I do these things anyway because that's who I am? What I do know is that it would be far more difficult had my father lived long enough to see what I grew up to do-would it have stopped me if he had? I really hope not, but I'm afraid it might have.

And this is really the essence of why I started this blog-that personal life and professional life become so inseperable (at least for me) in this process that my work wouldn't be what it is without me personally and me personally wouldn't be who I am without the work.


  1. That's a really interesting start; I like the look of this already!

    Personally, I came late to the fight for gay rights, I'm sorry to say. My childhood did little to educate me on the subject, so I've had to educate myself. But my dad's cool, he gets it.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anna! I came pretty late too, like you my childhood did little to educate me on the subject (except maybe retrospectivly)

  3. Brought a tear to my eye Em. You are what you are because of everything that has happened in your life and to your life. You're a star and I love you. xx

  4. Aw bless you! I will try to be amusing in future posts too! PS love you too ;) xx

  5. Great post Em, I'm sorry your father felt that way and of course I said hmm interesting hell yeah! haha.

    M x

  6. :) thanks! Of course you did ;) E x


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